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Please ensure your email and reply address is correct. It's frustrating answering your questions on three pages just to realize that the reply address is invalid. Please include all information you think is important. This may include your operating system, your browser type and version.
Connect: In order to connect directly from the gametiger web page to a game, you need to download and install the gametiger connection client. Please configure at least the path to your half life exe, (e.g. C:\Programs\Halflife\hl.exe ). Please download the client from the download page.
Search: For a player search just type in any player name (or a part of it) and hit RETURN or press the search button.
The search is not case sensitive (ignore case), so searching for [clan] or [CLAN] will yield the same results.
One-character search expressions are ignored (try to be more specific :).
For a server search similar restrictions apply, here the search expression must contain at least three (3) characters.
With the address search you could search for exact addresses (e.g., ip only (to find your own server port behind a firewall or nat box) and furthermore you could search for subnets like this:
Class C nets: e.g.
Class B nets: e.g.
Also available is a map search and mod search.
The status page contains some statistcs including time elapsed since last update of our database
(usually between 2:30 and 4:00 minutes).
Tech Details: Some technical details on how to query a game server by UDP requests can be found in the server-proto.txt that's taken from Valve's Half-Life SDK on
Help on game server submissions: Please provide a valid game server address (ip and port) together with the correct type of game and a valid email address here.
In trouble please contact trouble [at]
Gereral questions: For general questions about cstiger's services please email
Link the cstiger! Here you find cut-and-paste examples, how to set up an cstiger search form on your homepage.
Advertising info: For information about advertising on cstiger please email for details.
Problems: If you encounter any difficulties when using an cstiger service, please contact
Please include the url of the page where you ran into trouble as well as your operating system and browser type and version.  |  |  |  |  |  |  
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