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This is the (Windows) gametiger connect client in version 4.0 ICQ (beta:). It should enable you to connect directly from a search on the gametiger web page to a game server - by clicking on the connect column (IP:PORT) of the search results.
To install, just download the gametiger.exe into some folder and run it (double-click ;) to configure (at least) the path to your Half-Life executable
(example: C:\Sierra\HalfLife\hl.exe or C:\Programme\Counterstrike\cstrike.exe).
This is still beta software, so should you have any problems, please contact devel [at] .
Have Fun! It's free :-)

Revision History    
  4.0 ICQ /v4.0-ICQ/gametiger.exe        38432 Bytes | md5sum: 75b2a3e27b7546c845e49e48202a435b
now supporting ICQ away messages ...
  4.0 /v4.0/gametiger.exe        36896 Bytes | md5sum: 28a53b9e2c65bef72c583416e0ec5e66
fixed password bug, better ip history, no more pings after launching game,
additional progs are started now with correct chdir ...
  3.0 /v3.0/gametiger.exe        36896 Bytes | md5sum: 2a65e12a27870db7545f2ae1147f574b
extra thread for polling server info, fixed auto-update-bug ;)
new server info function, main menu and about screen, ip-history,
launch mult. programs on startup (eg punkbuster), and more...
  2.0 /v2.0/gametiger.exe        28704 Bytes | md5sum: 5cd90e4ed96ff5e8a93e0ba02c44d13f
added net code (ping, map, server full :) - this is checked just before connect
fixed chdir call, so working dir is now the half-life directory
exe file no longer packed (with UPX), this increased download size a bit (30 kBytes now)
bug reports to
  1.2 /v1.2/gametiger.exe        9728 Bytes | md5sum: ea56ec77a4197916808493741d2dc3df
completely rewritten in C (lcc-win32),
supporting passwords now,
exe (download) size is now below 10 kBytes, many thanks to Philipp Weiser
  0.96 fixed configuration problems with (standalone) cstrike.exe and tfc.exe
  0.95 fixed problems with win2k install
  0.94 first public version  |  |  |  |  |  |  
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